Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

God is so good.
God is so good.
God is so good.
He's so good to me!
This is the little child's song I was humming, NO, make that singing out loud(!) on my way to the commissary (grocery store for all of you non-military types) today. When ever I have a doubt that my God, "loves me with an everlasting love; and has drawn me with loving-kindness" (Jer 31:3), then all I have to do is remember today!

My car didn't start. It happened yesterday too, but we thought we got it fixed. This morning, all four children piled into the car to go to Bible Study, and....nothing. It was dead...again. Then God's love came pouring forth. Not only did a VERY KIND Mr. Cressman come to jump our car again, he followed me to the chapel, attempted to charge the battery while we were inside, failed, bought us a new battery, installed it, and parked our vehicle back exactly where it was in the parking lot when I left him to charge the battery. And, of course (!), he won't let me pay him a lick for it!

And that's not all!! Today's shower of blessings continue. Let me count the ways...
  • My good friend, Brooke was at my house to meet me and take care of my children while I ran (in my working car) to the commissary, sans children!
  • I met and hired a house cleaner today for $15/hour! Mui Bueno!
  • A contact at the Foundation for American Christian Education (the org. who supplies most of our homeschooling material) offered, today, to come out to Hawaii to run a personal training seminar!!
  • Did I mention my car was running?
God is so good.

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Aunt Kerri and Uncle Paul said...

I'm glad your car is up and running ... YAHOO!! God is very good!!