Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 1 - Peace that Passes Understanding

We dropped Daddy off at the airport last Sunday for his training in New Jersey and a strange sense of peace and calm came over me. I usually get a little nervous about 'surviving' these separations but I almost immediately had a new perspective:
This was going be 'our family' for the next 8 months (outside of February when Daddy comes home for a few weeks). I can not just survive. I need to be living. "For I have come that you might have life and have it abundantly" says the Lord. Well then, bring on the abundant life!
And there came the peace. I actually took all four children directly to the commissary and didn't dread it. (And if you know me, you know I don't 'do' the commissary. Daddy does.) Four kids, a spaceship shopping cart, a list and a peaceful Mommy. God is good!

Other surprising examples of the goodness of the Lord this week:
  • An entire evening 'out' with my friends, to include a pedicure, dinner and shopping! AND plans to have a babysitter EVERY Wednesday night!
  • Several friends offering to help with the very things I specifically prayed to get help with (Baseball practice & Sat game-day coordination, Thank you Sarah & Natalie!, Transportation to AWANA - Thanks Rebekah! Time with adults friends and adult conversation - Thanks Mary!!)
  • Finally getting a clear(er) vision of how to approach next year's home school for Sam and Emilie
  • Getting to take three of out four little blessing to the bowling alley on Saturday afternoon. And even the desire and energy to DO it. (Emilie won, much to Sam's chagrin :)
  • Sleeping well ALL NIGHT LONG and not even wanting to put on too many night lights to ward off the boogy-man

The first full week had a few bumps where peaceful Mommy lost her peacefulness, but overall there has been a unexpected joy in our household. We still miss our Daddy, but we can have life abundantly wherever the Lord takes him.

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