Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daily Life

I just wanted to add a little color to our I posted a couple pictures of what life looks like in the Beers' household. I hope you enjoy seeing us in action! :)

Sam at Spark-A-Rama last Saturday. His AWANA team competed against three other churches in hilarious games of 'skill' and agility...and they won!!

Jack. Oh Jack. If you can't figure it out...the boy is on the top of the kitchen table. Just a sample of the many new adventures he has gotten himself into these last few days. :)

Emilie snuggling up to her friend, Asher, during pizza and a movie night. They quickly untangled themselves after the camera flashed. It was very cute.

Sarah and Jack. If these two weren't siblings, I would take bets on them getting married. They both share a sincere devotion to their blankets and to each other. The other day, Jack sat in Sarah's lap throughout the entire church service and would NOT let her leave him.

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beckylinn said...

Definitely precious moments!