Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting Used to Darkness

Just a thought I had while listening to the following lyrics:
Don’t let your eyes get used to darkness
the light is coming soon.
I don't like to go to sleep in the dark. Pitch black kind of scares me. So I purposely leave a light on in the bathroom with the door partially closed. My husband, on the other hand, can SEE the tiny red flashing light blinking from the telephone stand (which is on MY side of the bed) through closed eyelids!

All this to say, isn't it strange? How light affects us? What the Light of our world does to us? For some, it is reassurance. For others, it is an annoyance. This is not to say that my wonderful, God-fearing husband is annoyed by the Light of the World. Goodness not! Just that light, in it's very essence, has such a profound effect on us. Hmmmm.

So does darkness. After a while, we can 'see' in the dark too. We think that we can pretty much make out the dark world around us. But as soon as the light shines, we realize how blind we really were in the dark. Isn't it amazing how God sets up this world to reflect Him in so many ways?

1 comment:

Beerman said...

I don't even need that telephone light. The microlight in the smoke detector by the door (I bet you didn't even know there was a light in it) lights up most of the room for me.
On a serious note, I like your post. Just like waking to a bright light is offensive to us, so is the Light of the World while we dwell in darkness.